Neuroradiology - Original Article

A novel index to estimate the corpus callosum morphometry in adults: callosal/supratentorialsupracallosal area ratio

  • Nuri Erdoğan
  • Harun Ülger
  • İbrahim Tuna
  • Aylin Okur

Received Date: 02.03.2005 Accepted Date: 17.07.2005 Diagn Interv Radiol 2005;11(4):179-181


To prospectively investigate the feasibility of a new index (callosal/supratentorial-supracallosal area ratio) in morphometric analysis of the corpus callosum in adults.


The callosal and supratentorial-supracallosal areas of 50 healthy volunteers were measured on T1 weighted midsagittal magnetic resonance images. Mean value and variation coefficient for the index was calculated. In a limited subset of subjects (n=25), an interobserver agreement study was conducted to estimate the reproducibility of the index.


There was a statistically significant difference between the area for corpus callosum and supratentorial-supracallosal regions in males and females, although the calculated ratio (index) had no sex-difference. When compared to the literature, the variation coefficient was relatively lower (12.0%), with good interobserver agreement (Pearson correlation analysis, r=0.83).


Callosal/supratentorial-supracallosal area ratio might serve as a reliable index in morphometric analysis of the corpus callosum in adults.

Keywords: corpus callosum, magnetic resonance imaging