Interventional Radiology - Technical Note

Direct aneurysm sac catheterization and embolization of an enlarging internal iliac aneurysm using cone-beam CT


  • Monish Merchant
  • Rohan Shah
  • Scott Resnick

Received Date: 09.09.2014 Accepted Date: 31.10.2014 Diagn Interv Radiol 2015;21(3):252-255

Since cone-beam computed tomography (CT) has been adapted for use with a C-arm system it has brought volumetric CT capabilities in the interventional suite. Although cone-beam CT image resolution is far inferior to that generated by traditional CT scanners, the system offers the ability to place an access needle into position under tomographic guidance and use the access to immediately begin a fluoroscopic procedure without moving the patient. We describe a case of a “jailed” enlarging internal iliac artery aneurysm secondary to abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, in which direct percutaneous puncture of the internal iliac artery aneurysm sac was performed under cone-beam CT guidance.