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Ethical considerations for artificial intelligence: an overview of the current radiology landscape


  • Tugba Akinci D'Antonoli

Received Date: 29.05.2019 Accepted Date: 18.12.2019 Diagn Interv Radiol 2020;26(5):504-511

Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to accelerate scientific discovery in medicine and to transform healthcare. In radiology, AI is about to enter into clinical practice and has a wide range of applications covering the whole diagnostic workflow. However, AI applications are not smooth sailing. It is crucial to understand the potential risks and hazards that come with this new technology. We have to implement AI in the best possible way to reflect the time-honored ethical and legal standards while ensuring the adequate protection of patient interests. These issues are discussed under the light of core biomedical ethics principles and principles for AI-specific ethical challenges while giving an overview of the statements that were proposed for the ethics of AI applications in radiology.