Breast Imaging - Original Article

MRI features of breast lymphoma: preliminary experience in seven cases


  • Lijun Wang
  • Dengbin Wang
  • Weimin Chai
  • Xiaochun Fei
  • Ran Luo
  • Xiaoxiao Li

Received Date: 26.12.2014 Accepted Date: 23.05.2015 Diagn Interv Radiol 2015;21(6):441-447


We aimed to evaluate the imaging features of breast lymphoma using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


This retrospective study consisted of seven patients with pathologically confirmed breast lymphoma. The breast lymphomas were primary in six patients and secondary in one patient. All patients underwent preoperative dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and one underwent additional diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) with a b value of 600 s/mm2. Morphologic characteristics, enhancement features, and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values were reviewed.


On MRI, three patients presented with a single mass, one with two masses, two with multiple masses, and one with a single mass and a contralateral focal enhancement. The MRI features of the eight biopsied masses in seven patients were analyzed. On MRI, the margins were irregular in six masses (75%) and spiculated in two (25%). Seven masses (87.5%) displayed homogeneous internal enhancement, while one (12.5%) showed rim enhancement. Seven masses (87.5%) showed a washout pattern and one (12.5%) showed a plateau pattern. The penetrating vessel sign was found in two masses (25%). One patient with two masses underwent DWI. Both masses showed hyperintense signal on DWI with ADC values of 0.867×10-3 mm2/s and 0.732×10-3 mm2/s, respectively.


Breast lymphoma commonly presents as a homogeneously enhancing mass with irregular margins and displays a washout curve pattern on dynamic MRI. A low ADC value may also indicate a possible diagnosis of breast lymphoma.