Cardiovascular Imaging - Case Report

Inversion time prolongation at late enhancement cardiac MRI in a myeloma patient


  • Elena Belloni
  • Giuseppe Marchesi
  • Daniela Aschieri
  • Patrizia Bernuzzi
  • Elena Trabacchi
  • Daniele Vallisa
  • Giovanni Quinto Villani
  • Luigi Cavanna
  • Emanuele Michieletti

Received Date: 10.04.2012 Accepted Date: 14.06.2012 Diagn Interv Radiol 2012;18(6):552-554

A patient undergoing chemotherapy for multiple myeloma had a sudden onset of heart failure. Cardiac magnetic resonance was performed after echocardiography to rule out myocardial late enhancement, which was not detected. In- terestingly, the inversion time of the T1-weighted inversion recovery late enhancement sequence needed to be significantly increased (from the usual 250–300 to 490 ms) to obtain diagnostic images. This report presents the clinical case of this patient, and discusses potential implications.

Keywords: cardiac imaging techniques • multiple myeloma • chemotherapy • heart failure