Breast Imaging - Original Article

Sclerosing adenosis of the breast: radiologic appearance and efficiency of core needle biopsy


  • Füsun Taşkın
  • Kutsi Köseoğlu
  • Alparslan Ünsal
  • Muhan Erkuş
  • Serdar Özbaş
  • Can Karaman

Received Date: 03.08.2010 Accepted Date: 07.01.2011 Diagn Interv Radiol 2011;17(4):311-316


To examine the mammography and ultrasonography findings of patients who have a final histopathological diagnosis of sclerosing adenosis after breast biopsy, and to evaluate the follow-up results of patients who underwent core needle biopsies.


Seventy-six of the 723 patients who underwent breast biopsy in our institution were diagnosed with sclerosing adenosis on histopathological examination. Mammography and ultrasonography findings from these 76 lesions were analyzed retrospectively. Thirty-seven of these lesions were sampled by image-guided core needle biopsy; the remaining lesions were excised surgically. Mammograms and ultrasound images of the lesions were re-evaluated, and the post-biopsy medical records of these patients were evaluated.


Sclerosing adenosis was the main diagnosis in 41 patients and the complementary diagnosis in 35 patients. Among the first 41 lesions in which sclerosing adenosis was the main diagnosis, there were 18 (44%) mass lesions, 16 (39%) microcalcification clusters, two (5%) lesions with asymmetrical opacity, three (7%) lesions with architectural distortion, and two (5%) lesions with focal acoustical shadowing that was only detected by ultrasonography. No alterations suggesting malignancy were noted during the follow-up examinations of 35 patients who underwent core needle biopsy.


Sclerosing adenosis is a benign proliferative disease of the breast that can be confused with malignancy on clinical, radiological, and even histopathological examination. There is no typical radiological criterion for diagnosis. Core needle biopsy or excisional biopsy can be used, depending on the lesion's characteristics. Core needle biopsy can be the first step in the diagnosis of sclerosing adenosis.

Keywords: breast , mammography , breast ultrasound , sclerosing adenosis