Pediatric Radiology - Pictorial Essay

Split-bolus MR urography: synchronous visualization of obstructing vessels and collecting system in children


  • Bilal Battal
  • Murat Kocaoğlu
  • Veysel Akgün
  • Selami İnce
  • Faysal Gök
  • Mustafa Taşar

Received Date: 12.02.2015 Accepted Date: 21.04.2015 Diagn Interv Radiol 2015;21(6):498-502

Several vascular abnormalities related with urinary system such as crossing accessory renal vessels, retroiliac ureters, retrocaval ureters, posterior nutcracker syndrome, and ovarian vein syndrome may be responsible for urinary collecting system obstruction. Split-bolus magnetic resonance urography (MRU) using contrast material as two separate bolus injections provides superior demonstration of the collecting system and obstructing vascular anomalies simultaneously and enables accurate preoperative radiologic diagnosis. In this pictorial review we aimed to outline the split-bolus MRU technique in children, list the coexisting congenital collecting system and vascular abnormalities, and exhibit the split-bolus MRU appearances of concurrent urinary collecting system and vascular abnormalities.